Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Amazing Grace Children’s Home Trip 2016

For eight days a group from the Rodgers Baptist Church, and friends from a few fellow churches, visited the Amazing Grace Children’s Home in Acolman, Mexico. The work being accomplished by God through the Rivas family and their team of volunteers as they rescue street kids in Mexico City is praiseworthy and all for the glory of God. These children who had been abandoned and abused – many times both – by their parents and others are not only being sheltered, clothed, and fed, but they are being loved, educated, medically treated, and, most importantly, taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ not just through verbal explanation but by practical demonstration.

Our church is thrilled to not just be supporting this ministry but sponsoring it. That means we have an actual connection to this ministry – the children. God knit our hearts with theirs during our visit in the Fall of 2015. We were excited to return this summer, and we were not disappointed. This trip enabled each of us to view the fabulous work being done up close and personal. We are appreciative of Bro, and Sis. Jones’ hard work in organizing, planning, and leading this worthwhile trip every summer. They do a fabulous job,

This is a ministry worth supporting prayerfully and financially. This is a missions trip worth taking. No one ever regrets going to the Amazing Grace Children’s Home. Pray for Bro. Rivas and Sis. Esperanza as they lead the Children’s Home ministry, and pray for Bro. Leo and his wife Lola. Bro. Leo is planting the Iglesia Bautista Ebenezer in Acolman. That church plant is blessed of God and will no doubt be ready for organization sooner rather than later. Most importantly, continually pray for the kids being rescued and those to be rescued, and for the work to continue and expand, for the good of the kids and the glory of God.

What follows is just a small sampling of the pictures taken on our trip.

Leo and Bro. Thomas

Bro. Thomas, Cesar, and LeoLeo behind the pulpit

Burt and Josh


Ebenezer mission


Rivas and Cesar

Emiliano and Josh




Dianna and Lola



Cesar and Jose David




Girls basketball


















Travis hands full


Fiesat 2




Praying for Lucero





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