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Jonah: the Reluctant Servant

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The Bible is amazing. Comprised of sixty-six individual books, written over a span of hundreds of years, with a variety of writing styles, and three different languages, yet it possesses a unity and clarity of focus that points to its divine inspiration. The Bible is not simply an interesting and ancient book. It is the […]

What We Believe about Missions

Our mandate is to make disciples of all nations by going, winning, baptizing, and teaching them all things that Christ commanded. Only in this way are we able to bring joy to the nations (Psalm 67); by nations we mean what the Bible means – people groups. Obviously, there would be no missions without this […]

What We Believe about the Church

Concerning the church we believe it to be an organized organism; a local, visible body of immersed believers, covenanted together by a common faith and fellowship of the gospel, and the only place where the ordinances are to be observed.  Jesus Christ personally established His church and promised its continuance, and the church is the […]

What We Believe about the Lord’s Supper

There are two, and only two, ordinances: baptism, which is to be administered once, and the Lord’s Supper, which is to be observed “as oft as ye do it” until the Lord’s return.  Both ordinances are symbolic and not sacramental.  Only the church has been authorized to administer the ordinances. The Lord’s Supper symbolizes Christ’s […]

What We Believe about Baptism

Baptism is to be done in obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 3:13-17). Baptism pictures the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ (Romans 6:3-5), not cleansing or purification. Baptism makes the candidate a member of the church (Acts 2:41). Baptism involves a proper candidate, someone who has been born again (Acts 2:38; 8:36-39); […]

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