Thursday, June 29, 2017

Joel and Madonna Allen – Missionaries to “Greater” Cleveland, OH

Click here to read Bro. Allen’s most recent prayer letter.

Gerardo and Silvia Nino – Queretaro, Mexico

  Click here to read the Nino’s most recent prayer letter.

Sumatra family – Kingdom of Thailand

Click here to read the most recent prayer letter from the Sumatras, and follow this link to view some pictures of their work.

The Lord Jesus – the Servant Savior

“Sir, we would see Jesus.” That is what a group of Greeks said to the apostle Philip while in Jerusalem, just a few days before the Lord was sacrificed (John 12:20-21). Philip brought them to his fellow apostle Andrew, and together they took the inquiring Greeks to see Jesus. That is the goal of this […]

Amazing Grace Children’s Home

The Rodgers Baptist Church has been, by God’s grace and the Holy Spirit’s enabling power, building a house of Faith, Hope, and Love for 84 years. The Amazing Grace Children’s Home has been rescuing children with Faith, Hope, and Love for over 15 years. Amazing Grace Children’s Home began in 1999 in a small town just outside Mexico City. […]

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