Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Our Sponsored Missionaries

The following eight men and their families are members of the Rodgers Baptist Church who are sent out by this church to do the work to which God has called them. Click on their name to be taken to a page where their most recent prayer letter may be accessed.

Joel and Madonna Allen

planting a church in Medina, OH

Gary & Beverly Hampton missionaries to Fairbanks, AK

Gary and Beverly Hampton

Missionaries to Alaska

Ministry website

Brian and Daisy Hughes

Missionaries to Alaska

Gerardo Nino family - Queretaro, Mexico

Gerardo and Silvia Nino

Missionaries to Mexico

Spencer and Sally Parker

Light of Messiah Ministries

Leonardo and Esperanza Rivas

Leonardo and Esperanza Rivas

Amazing Grace Children’s Home

Leo and Lola Rivas

Missionaries to Mexico

Sumatra family missionaries to the Kingdom of Thailand

Jason Sumatra family

Missionaries to the Kingdom of Thailand