Tuesday, August 22, 2017

RBC Bible Studies

Here is a list of Bible study materials produced by the Rodgers Baptist Church and used in our Sunday school classes.


  • Wise Up! – a study in the book of Proverbs.
  • Local Church Membership – understanding our church covenant, and what it means to be a member of this local church.
  • Stewardship – using God’s gifts for His glory and our good. These four lessons focus on stewardship of (1) the Gospel, (2) our spiritual gifts, (3) our resources, (4) our time. This 
  • Letters from the Lord – an eight lesson expositional study of Revelation 1-3, focusing on the letters from Christ to the seven churches in Asia – but also to us!
  • The Christmas Story – a four week behind the scenes look at Christmas. Perhaps not a typical but we trust a thoroughly biblical study of Christmas.
  • What We Believe…that the Bible teachesan eight week doctrinal study focusing first on Jesus Christ: His deity, His death, and His resurrection. Then a look at sotierology – the doctrine of salvation and ecclesiology – the doctrine of the church. The final three lessons will examine Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, and missions. Follow this link to download the student edition of this study.
  • Jonah: the Reluctant Servantan expositional study of the book of Jonah. We see the relentless compassion of God versus the reluctant servant Jonah. This is a six week study.
  • Colossians: Completely Complete in Christan expositional study of the book of Colossians written by Pastor Ron Thomas. The book of Colossians makes plan that Christ has the preeminence in everything, and that followers of Christ lack no spiritual resource. We are complete in Him, and equipped for all things in Him. This is a nine week study.
  • Unto Us a Child is Born!this is a three week topical study of Christmas, with week number four being a lesson that will hopefully encourage us to be biblically resolved to stand for and follow after Christ in 2015.
  • RBC Bible Sunday 2015The first Sunday of every New Year is day in which we, as a church, celebrate God’s written revelation to us in a unique way and resolve by God’s power and grace to be people of the Book for our good and His glory. This brief two lesson study is centered on 2 Kings 22:1-13, teaching us to treasure the truth. The second lesson provides practical principles for discipline Bible study and application.
  • Galatians: Is there another gospel?There is only way way to the Father, through the Lord Jesus Christ, and His story is the only Good News – the only Gospel. This is a seven week expositional study through the Galatian epistle whereby we clearly see the glory of the gospel of grace. This study was written by Spencer Parker, our missionary to the Jewish community.
  • Worldliness:Loving God more than anything or anyone else. – is a seven week study which seeks to outline how believers resist the seduction of a fallen world by the power of the Holy Spirit, according to the instruction of God’s Word, and for the glory of His name (which is always for the good of His people).