Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Recommended Websites

Verse of the DayMark this site as a favorite, and check in day for the daily verse, or sign up online at the website to have it emailed directly to you every day. After sign-up, you will receive a one time confirmation email that will require a response.

Creation Insightsthe web ministry of Dr. Pat Briney

Answers in Genesis – An excellent resource regarding creation science and refuting evolution.

Blue Letter Bible – This online interactive reference library is perfect for in-depth Bible study, and it’s free. Hebrew-Greek lexicon, dictionary, commentaries, and more are available here. Great tool for preparing a Sunday school lesson, devotion, or personal Bible study.

Gospel Web – Bro. James Dearmore is a long time missionary of RBC. He and his dearly departed wife Georgia served for 33 years in Africa, and Bro. James is still active in ministry through full time web-publishing and teaching. His site features many superb selections of Christian literature from classics to modern times.

Plugged In Online – A Focus on the Family website that is “shining a light on the world of popular entertainment.”